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Three days around the IJsselmeer

Driebergen - Enkhuizen - 103 km

Via Almere you will arrive at the De Trekvogel Visitor Center on Oostvaardersdiep. The route continues via the cycle path along Markermeer and Oostvaarderplassen. From Lelystad to Enkhuizen you cycle over the 26 km long Houtribdijk / Markerwaarddijk, which separates the Markermeer from the IJsselmeer.

Enkhuizen - Oudemirdum - 103 km

You cycle through the province of Noord-Holland via the 32 km long afsluitdijk to Friesland. On the Afsluitdijk you see the IJsselmeer on one side and the Wadden Sea on the other. The final destination is the village of Oudemirdum, part of the municipality of De Friese Meren.

Oudemirdum - Driebergen - 130 km

You go from Friesland to Flevoland and then to the province of Utrecht. The Pyramid of Austerlitz is certainly worth a visit, it was built in 1804 as a tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Drie dagen rond het IJsselmeer

Three days around the IJsselmeer

Eersel / TerSpegelt - Postel - TerSpegelt

This 26 km cycle route starts at the parking lot of the TerSpegelt nature gate opposite the TerSpegelt recreation park in Eersel. Welcome to the Kempen is at the parking lot. You first follow a cycle path, through the woods, along the Postelseweg towards Belgium. At the Witrijt you come to the territory of the municipality of Bergeijk. You cycle through to the Belgian border, at Herberg in het Wilde Zwijn. Here you turn left into the Grensweg in the direction of the Pielis and you will pass a Dodendraad line-up. The dead wire was an electrical barrier on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands during World War I. At the end of this cycle path you turn right. Here you follow a cycle path along a sandy path, behind Camping het Ven and along the golf course of Steenhoven Country Club. The cycle path ends in Postel, part of the Belgian municipality of Mol.

You cycle past Postel Abbey and you follow the Reuselseweg towards Reusel. Before the viaduct, turn right into Goorstraat and continue on a wide cycle path with concrete slabs. On the corner of the Goorstraat / Bergeyksedijk is a World War II monument, where a RAF Lancaster has crashed. The cycle path ends at Herberg in the Wilde Zwijn, where you can follow the same route towards Eersel. However, our cycle route turns left before the Inn towards Bladel on a slightly narrower cycle path through the woods. Before the viaduct to Landal Het Vennenbos you turn right across the Cartierheide to Eersel. You follow the cycle path to the left towards Hapert and then to the right towards the starting point at TerSpegelt nature gate.

TerSpegelt - Postel - TerSpegelt

TerSpegelt - Postel - TerSpegelt

RAVeL Hoegaarden - Namur - Heer-Agimont

It is early in the morning and the alarm clock rings. It is still dark and you think, already ... You still get out of bed, even though you don't feel like it. While you grab your bike gear you get more and more sense. If you click the buckle of your bike helmet you feel a little rush. It is still dark when you start cycling and it is cold too. When you are cycling for ten minutes you no longer feel the cold. The sun rises a bit and you enjoy the sunrise in the early morning. You get a smile on your face while you enjoy the bike ride. Vive le velo !!

RAVeL2 Hoegaarden - Namur Belgium One of the nicest bike rides is from Hoegaarden to Namur. You cycle 40 km over the old railway bed and you climb evenly over the RAVeL to Namur. You will pass through Geldenaken, in French Jodoigne, where you will find the French / Dutch language border. At Namur you can follow the RAVeL along the Maas to the French border, at Heer-Agimont. This is a bike ride of 44 km and you will visit Dinant, among others. If you make a detour you can spend the night in a real castle from 1884, Château de la Poste in Maillen. The total distance from Hoegaarden to Heer-Agimont is 84 km. The RAVeL continues to Mariembourg, from Heer-Agimont this is a distance of 25 km. If you continue to follow the Maas, you will cross the border at Givet to France. In France you can follow the voies vertes from Givet to Charleville-Mézières. The total distance along the Maas from Heer-Agimont to Charleville-Mézières is 78 km.
RAVeL is short for Réseau Autonome des Voies Lente, this is an autonomous network for slow traffic.

RAVeL2 Namur - Heer-Agimont Belgium

RAVeL Hoegaarden - Heer-Agimont Belgium

Choose your bike


ATB route An all Terrain Bike or Mountainbike is built to bike off road. The thick tires provide grip and comfort and the suspension absorbs the blows of the holes in the path. A hardtail MTB has suspension at the front of the bike and a fully has suspension at the front and rear. The hydraulic brakes provide the necessary braking force. The wheels are 27.5 or 29 inches, so the MTB rolls over everything. The MTB with 26 inch wheels is therefore a thing of the past. A MTB route can be recognized by a colon with an arrow.

MTB route in the forest

MTB route in the forest

Road bike

A racing bike can be recognized by its handlebar and is used to cycle on the road. While cycling you can place your hands loosely on top of the handlebar or on the brake levers. You are then relatively upright. In case of a headwind, or if you want to cycle a little harder, place your hands under the bracket. You are then completely bent over. You usually need some training to keep it going for longer. The brake levers are attached to the handlebar and the gearshift mechanism contains these gears. Most racing bikes have 22 gears as standard: two sprockets in the front and 11 sprockets in the rear. The wheels are 28 inches and the tires are narrow and smooth, so the rolling resistance is minimal.


Steering wheel handlebar of a racing bike

Touring Bike - Traveling Bike - Trekking Bike

A more sporty ordinary bike with mudguards, luggage rack and light. Suitable for bridging longer distances in a relaxed way. The ideal bicycle for commuting to work and for vacations. A bicycle bag can be hung on the luggage carrier, so that things can be taken along.

Touring Bike

Touring Bike

International Cycling Union (UCI)

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the worldwide governing body for cycling. It develops and oversees cycling in all its forms, for all people. As a competitive sport, as a healthy recreational activity, as a means of transport and also just for fun. There are five continental confederations that are members of the International Cycling Union. The continental confederation represents the national cycling unions of the continent in question.
🚲 Confédération Africaine de Cyclisme (CAC)
🚲 Asian Cycling Confederation (AAC)
🚲 Oceania Cycling Confederation (OCC)
🚲 Confederación Panamericana de Ciclismo
🚲 Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC)


An important one-day cycling race is also called a classic race or classic. Usually these are races with a rich cycling history. The five most important classics are called monuments because of their age, prestige or height.
🚲 Milan - San Remo La Primavera or spring
🚲 Tour of Flanders
De Ronde - Vlaanders mooiste - De Hoogmis
🚲 Paris - Roubaix
The Hell of the north - l'Enfer du Nord
🚲 Liège - Bastogne - Liège
LBL - La Doyenne of ouderdomsdeken
🚲 Tour of Lombardy La corsa delle foglie morte
The course of the falling leaves - Herfstklassieker

Bicycle route network

A network of cycle routes exists in several European countries. You can make a longer bike ride by using existing bike routes. EuroVelo is a network of 15 long distance cycle routes connecting and uniting the whole European continent. You can plan a cycling route in Europe via the website of the Fietsrouteplanner. In Belgium and the Netherlands you also have a cycling network. You make your own cycle route from one node Fietsknooppuntenroute to cycle to the other node via the different cycle route numbers. There are several websites where you can put together such a junction route. For Belgium you can use Fietsnet and for the Netherlands Fietsroutenetwerk. On the website of the stichting landelijk fietsplatform you will find junction routes, but also long-distance bicycle routes (LF) in the Netherlands.
You can find the cycle route network of England on the website of Sustrans, Sustainable Transport Charity. You can also plan a cycle tour in the UK via CycleStreets.

Bicycle translated

The word bike translated into different languages.
Bosnian: bicikl Irish: rothar Polish: rower
Danish: cykel Italian: bicicletta Slovenian: kolesa
German: fahrrad Croatian: bicikl Slovak: kolo
English: bike / bicycle Luxembourgish: vëlo Czech: kolo
Esperanto: biciklo Maltese: roti Spanish: bicicleta
French: vélo Dutch: fiets Turkish: bisiklet
Frisian: fyts Norwegian: sykkel Welsh: beic
Hungarian: bicikli Uzbek: velosiped Swedish: cykel


The randonneur just keeps on cycling without getting tired. The cyclist enjoys every kilometer he travels or, on the contrary, enjoys the pain. Who will know ? A long-distance cyclist who has completed a long distances event of 200 km or more is called a randonneur. A cycling event in which the randonneur participates is known as a randonnée or brevet. Referring to the card the randonneur receives, if he completes the ride. A brevet is organized by an audax or randonneurs club. The most famous event for randonneurs, Paris-Brest-Paris, is organized by the Audax club Parisien. Audax is derived from the French word 'audacieux', that means bold.



1001 Miglia Italia

Italy - 1684 km

London Edinburgh London

England - 1400 km


Spain - 1200 km

Maraton Rowerowy D. Polski

Poland - 3130 km


France - 1200 km

Super Brevet Scandinavia

Scandinavia - 1200 km

Vologda - Onego - Ladoga

Russia - 1200 km

Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland - 2100 km

kilometers to go


Sport Bike Brands

There are many different sport bike brands with bikes in all shapes and sizes. Sporty bikes with an aluminum, carbon, titanium or steel frame, assembled with Campagnolo, Shimano or SRAM parts. On the cycling about website you will find a complete overview of touring bikes. Road Bike Rider has an A to Z of all sport cycling brands.